Wise Words – We Are All Creators

As spiritual seekers, we are all creators.

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”

Robert Henri

It’s funny, but I don’t think this quote is about art. It’s about the larger container that holds art but holds everything else as well.

When I sit down to write, I try to settle into a relaxed state that is connected to Spirit and open to guidance. If I don’t drop into this space, I am writing from a part of my brain that feels like the thin outer shell of who I am. The words might be organized, articulate, well-informed, they might even sound good, but the writing isn’t coming from the truth. At some level, it isn’t honest.

To drop into this state, I have to let go of my expectations about what my writing should be. I have to face and walk through the fear that my writing will expose me as idealistic, deluded, ego-inflated, or just plain silly. When I can do that, my consciousness shifts, and I enter the “wonderful state” Robert Henri is talking about. And then I can write.

It’s not a trance. I’m not zoned out, on the contrary, I feel enlivened. The outer shell dissolves and I come alive. My first drafts are immersive, flowing, streams of thought that jump from stone to stone, the blurry photos at the beginning of the roll. I’m always excited to see what comes through. Part of the process feels like it comes from me. My talents, ideas, and experience emerge on the paper in my authentic voice. And there is something more, a part that feels inspired, sourced from wisdom outside what my brain could produce. It’s a partnership.

I usually polish the drafts into something intelligible that I can publish, but I get more from this practice than finished pieces. I enjoy the partnership itself. It brings me into intimate contact with the loving intelligence of the universe, who (and this dumbfounds me) wants to create something with me.

It is the intimate contact I want anyway. And that is why Henri’s quote is about more than art. This wonderful state is not here only for writers or artists. It is for everyone because we are all creators. That is what the spiritual journey is, a continuous act of creating. 

The journey is not a static thing we do once, figure it out and put it to bed. That would be how the autopilot of our brain wants it, easy and predictable. But the animated spaces of life are not so sedentary. To be awake and immersed in the presence of the living Spirit is to be fully alive, open to the irreplaceable, unique moment unfolding in front of us. To be spiritual is to be willing to see each new moment as fresh and potent, as material to play with and co-create what has never been before.

We are all continually invited into this partnership, whether creating a livelihood, a relationship, a loving response to a friend, a kind moment with a stranger, an apology, a sympathy card, or whatever the moment is asking of us.

You can do this now. Relax. Breathe. Drop in. Open yourself to this wonderful state, and you will create something beautiful. There is artistry awaiting your embrace of the moment. It’s inevitable.

Photo by Nick Fancher on Unsplash

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