Stumbling Mystic Podcast – Food For The Spiritual Traveler

Stumbling Mystic Podcast

The spiritual road is long. And because there are always new depths to discover, our walking never stops. But we need food along the way. The Stumbling Mystic Podcast provides insights and inspiration to nourish your spiritual exploration.

I’ve interviewed ten experienced and thoughtful spiritual travelers. Their stories and experiences are honest, vulnerable, inspiring, and uplifting. Over the course of seven episodes, they describe the roads they’ve walked to understand the spiritual impulse that draws us to connect with the Sacred.

    1. The Spiritual Impulse – what is this force that draw us to the Sacred?
    2. Trauma – how do the hurts and healing of life propel our spiritual growth?
    3. Traditional Religion – is there a place for a modern mystic in formal religion today?
    4. Mysticism – how can I engage direct spiritual experience outside words and concepts?
    5. Spiritual Practice – what works best for me to support my spiritual life?
    6. A World on Fire – what is the spiritual response to a world that is chaotic and troubling?
    7. Integrating Spirituality Into Daily Life – how can we live a unified life?

You can listen to the Stumbling Mystic Podcast below. A new episode will air weekly through the end of April.

Trailer – Stumbling Mystic Podcast
Episode 1, “How Do I Respond to the Spiritual Impulse?”
Episode 2, “Using the Wounds of Trauma to Heal”
Episode 3, “How Does Traditional Religion Support our Spiritual Life?”
Episode 4, “Mysticism – Seeing the Sacred Everywhere”
Episode 5, “Entering the Inner Dimensions of Spiritual Practice”
Episode 6, “What Is the Spiritual Response to a World on Fire?”
Episode 7, “How Can We Integrate Our Spiritual Experience Into Daily Life?”

To help you engage more deeply with the themes covered in this podcast, I have created a set of reflection and writing prompts.

You can download this resource and use it in your journaling practice. Feel free to share it with others who might be interested.