Are You a Modern Mystic?

Are you as confused as me about what that means and how it goes?

What we call spirituality, our yearning, searching, finding, losing, stumbling toward, is our attempt to respond to a spiritual impulse to connect with the Sacred. But in our current society, it’s hard to find a path that feels nurturing and authentic. 

Traditional religion carries baggage that clouds the wisdom that it holds. Secular culture denies the living, loving intelligence I sense behind the world of form.

I’m drawn to a path that explores direct experience of the Sacred, one that does not deny the truths behind religion or science, but is not bound by their reasoning – the path of a modern mystic.

It’s a path that helps me understand what it means to be human. Each of us is a unique and stunning example of the human adventure. At our core, we all hold the potential for a creative, loving and fulfilling life. We are talented, resourceful, generous, caring and capable. We have strengths and gifts we want to give.

That’s why I’m writing. I want to embrace the spiritual impulse, discover the truth of who I am, and connect my soul with the living, vibrant Soul of the World.

And to share my joys, troubles, insights, and missteps along the way.

A river of beauty flows when we touch the Sacred:  we act with more kindness, we forgive more easily, we feel more joy and peace, we see that magic is afoot, and we remember our innate goodness and connection. Our gifts can shine and life tends to blossom.

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The ability to use our awareness consciously is the gateway to rich spiritual growth.


Heart-based skills like kindness, empathy, forgiveness and love fuel our connection to others and to the world.


Positive change takes effort and intent. Small persistent steps can move us forward over great distances.

Photos by Christiane Nuetzel, Quino Al, Matthew Henry, Carlos Torres and Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash