The Stumbling Mystic Podcast – Food for the Spiritual Traveler

I’m a writer. So why am I publishing a podcast?

Because the road is long and the walking is slow. Because the aim of spiritual growth is to transform our way of being, and that kind of change doesn’t happen in the first few miles.

Because we sometimes forget and need reminding. Because we are often lost and need encouragement. Because on such a long walk, we need to be nourished along the way.

That’s why I write the Stumbling Mystic blog, to remind and encourage and nourish and nudge. My writing is a creative and communal practice – writing the blog feeds me, and I hope reading it feeds you as well.

So, to further this creative and communal endeavor, I interviewed ten of my friends and colleagues to gather their insights on the spiritual impulse. These are thoughtful, dynamic spiritual seekers who have been walking the road for years. They generously shared their time and wisdom for this podcast.

Over the course of seven episodes, we cover a range of intriguing topics that are integral to spiritual development, including trauma, mysticism, spiritual practice, global turmoil, and more. A new episode will publish every week from March 19 to April 30. You’ll get notice of each episode in the weekly blog, or you can go to the podcast page.

I have also created a set of reflections and writing prompts that relate to the themes of the podcast. You can download it here.

Listen to the Season Trailer and get a sense of what’s in store.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and I hope you will help me promote it to others. You can do this in a couple of ways.

The first is to review each episode. You can go to whatever platform you use for podcasts and rate the episode. This raises the profile of the Stumbling Mystic podcast (something about algorithms or some-such). Second, you can share the link to each episode with others you think might be interested.

Will there be a Season 2? Who knows? We’ll see where the creative and communal energy wants to go. In the meantime, let’s keep walking. The road is long, the scenery is beautiful, and the company is extraordinary.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

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