Prayer for 2023

Audio of Prayer for 2023

When a new year opens, the future can feel ripe with possibility. In our current times, life seems especially challenging, even frightening. No doubt 2023 will bring difficulties, trials, opportunities, joys and surprises.

Whatever unfolds will be part of the next layer of our growth. Our approach to change and challenge will dictate how we respond to what shows up. Let’s meet the year with the intention that events will evoke the best in us – opportunities to show compassion, to pause before we judge, to see the bigger picture, to meet life as it is while never losing our desire to nudge it to good.

Prayer is a personal matter. We each have our own conceptions of the Divine Mystery. For me, prayer opens me to deeper ways of relating to that Mystery. Here is my prayer for 2023 – an offering, a request, a question, a commitment and a conversation with Spirit.

Prayer for 2023

Spirit, I am here. I invite you to me.
Let me open to you and feel the power of your presence.
Awaken me to be present as the witness of my life.

Strengthen me to listen when I hear the hurting of the world,
To not shrink back but to step forward,
To bring forth my talents to a world that needs me now and
To recognize my fears and triggers as illuminations on the path.

If I could have an answer, show me here –
How can I serve?
Where are my gifts needed most?
How can my small piece be used for good?

Let me also feel the joy, hear the laughter and see
The brilliance all around me and within me.
Open my heart to the trouble and the beauty of the world together,
Embedded in the pattern of creation, a template that is perfect and whole.

Help me to remember that waking up is hard and takes hardship,
That my waking and my healing are called for now,
That I am up for this and that I am not alone.

Be with me as I incarnate your two great powers: to be aware and to love.
I pray that I accept this world, this life and this challenge.

Grateful for the blessings of my life,
By the grace of all that is,


(Audio of Prayer for 2023)

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

10 Replies to “Prayer for 2023”

  1. Yes to this post, Steve. I add my voice to this harmonious prayer that you’ve written and listen and watch for others who will add to the choir. 🙏🤲

  2. Love your prayer. Thank you!
    I wonder, though, why do you appear to hesitate to refer to Spirit instead of God? God is pure spirit and consists of pure spirit mass.

    1. You’re welcome! God is a good word, Spirit is a good word too. The Mystery we are using words for is, of course, unexplainable with words. God has connotations for some people who have felt burned by traditional religion, so perhaps I shy away from using it. I will have to take a look at that, thanks for your thoughts Anneli.

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