Living a Good Life

Let me ask you, what does it mean to live a good life? And how does spiritual growth help you do that?

We each have our own thoughts about these questions. But without the proper context, our answers are missing the point.  

One thing we all want is security, comfort, and to enjoy the pleasures of life. Our physical existence gives us countless ways to experience wonder, joy and pleasure. These positive experiences are significant, and a spiritual life that shuns them is diminished. We need to enjoy the delights that are here and share them with others.

Another aspect of the good life is self-discovery and self-expression. We develop our potential by dreaming and setting goals, developing our skills, and applying creativity to solve problems and create beauty. Growth, success and achievement all contribute to greater life satisfaction.

The quality of our relationships is another indicator that we are living a good life. How do we demonstrate care and concern for family, friends and others in our life? Do we allow them to care for us? Any vision of a good life has to include loving, reciprocal relationships.

Another dimension of a good life is service to others. When we recognize how deeply we are interconnected with the world, we naturally want to contribute to society. Working for a cause larger than our individual concerns is immensely gratifying.  

But all of this is incomplete if you are not connected to the essence of who you are. At your core is a flowing stream that is your source of meaning and purpose. Your higher self celebrates your unique gifts, your inherent goodness and your dynamic connection with life and the Divine. When you touch that core, all the rest comes alive.

Your higher self is the secret sauce to living a good life.

Without connection to our higher self, enjoying the pleasures of life can become a vanity project, hoarding goods and experiences to shield us from the shell of loneliness.

Detached from our higher self, self-discovery and creative expression can devolve into blind ambition and a corrosive drive to compete that degrades our integrity, devoid of any higher purpose.

Without this realization, we can use relationships to satisfy our own needs, magnifying our hurts and increasing our demands.  

Disconnected from our higher self, even doing good can become unmoored, turning our generous acts into a morality project where we publicly announce our virtues, an aggrandizement of the ego self.  

But when you are aware, connected, and living from your center, the whole inquiry deepens and expands. The enjoying, discovering, expressing, relating and contributing steer away from being an individual improvement project and become a glorious fulfillment of life’s prime directive – to be vulnerable, creative, brave, and ever increase our capacity to give and receive love by integrating the many facets of this beautiful diamond that you are.  

At an inner level, you know this is true. You know your life and the world are better when you are centered more deeply and more frequently in your higher self.  

For me, my centering is wildly inconsistent. I forget and remember. My awareness is in a constant dance of falling away and then returning to my Divine center. It’s a hide-and-seek game that I lose more often than I win.  

That’s okay. The returning is far more important than the forgetting. Touching, enacting, embracing my higher self is the work of a lifetime. Each time I remember, I am dropping water on the seeds of my soul, which blossom in their own time.

And that’s a pretty good life.

Photo by Mak Flex on Unsplash

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