Wise Words – Love Is Metaphysical Gravity

“Love is metaphysical gravity.”

Buckminster Fuller

In the physical world, gravity holds everything together. It pulls the planets around the sun; grounds us to the earth; makes the rivers flow; moves the tides across the shore.

In the physical world, gravity is universal, an unseen force that acts on matter everywhere. The presence of one affects the whole.

Newton viewed the physical world as a collection of objects with gravity acting on each. Einstein proved that gravity is a field that holds everything together – matter, light, energy, even time, all move together in relationship within the curves of this field.

We don’t know why gravity exists. Maybe the best physicists can say is, “That’s just how the world works.”

What about beneath the physical? What holds the metaphysical world together?


More than a poetic metaphor, Buckminster Fuller is describing a different kind of truth about the universe.

Love is not something we give to one another as separate individuals. Love is the unseen field, spread across the universe, that binds us together. It is the force that pulls us through life; it makes our passions flow; it grounds us, moves us, and connects us to all things. The luminaries of history have always understood and used the power of this invisible force.

Why did Martin Luther King, Jr. say that love was the way to counter the hate of lynchings, segregation and Jim Crow?

Why did Gandhi think he could face down the mightiest empire on earth using non-violent means?

Why did Jesus tell us to love our enemies, even as they murdered him?

Why did Plato, Aristotle and the Greek philosophers place love at the center of personal and political fulfillment?

Because they, like Buckminster Fuller, recognized that love is the force that holds the metaphysical world together. Without gravity, life would be impossible. Without love, life would be unbearable.  

Like gravity, love is an unseen force we feel in our bones but cannot explain. Perhaps the best we can say is, “Love? That’s just the way the world works.”

What can we do with this insight? We can act. The field of love is latent until we interact with it. By virtue of our intentional presence, the one affects the whole.  

Let me suggest this: find one opportunity today to tap into this field, open to it, and let the light shine through you. The field of love is bigger because of the presence of those who have gone before, King, Gandhi, Jesus, Plato, Aristotle, and countless others. You can be a presence too.

Einstein said that gravity turned on itself creates more gravity. The same is true of love. Large or small, each action that turns toward love amplifies the field.  

We are the channels bringing love to a world that needs it. We are the ever-growing points of light joining a stream that started at the birth of time. 

Points of light?

Hell. We are blazing embers stoking a bonfire.

Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

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