Wise Words – There Is No Other Way Like Yours

“Do not compare, do not measure. No other way is like yours. All other ways deceive and tempt you. You must fulfill the way that is in you.”

Carl Jung

Every transmitter has a fingerprint, a set of characteristics in its signal that mark it as unique. This is true for every radio, antennae, and cell phone, for every satellite in space. Each has its own distinct signature, reaching out across the distance, not duplicated anywhere in the world.

And aren’t we like that too, each a collage of qualities, strengths, gifts, imperfections, and quirks, each emitting our individual signal? This collage acts like an antenna that transmits the unique voice of who we are. It’s gratifying to work from our authentic self; we all know how our heart soars when we do what we are wired to do.

The signal starts out strong and clear when we are young, when we don’t know any other way to be. But over time, a lot happens that interferes with our original signal. It gets covered with different messages about who we are:  the expectations from parents and teachers, or the field we pursued because we are good at it, not because we loved it, or the misguided advice we got that we couldn’t sing or weren’t good at math.

All of these were irrelevant to our true signal. They were external voices that said more about the people saying them than about us. It was easier to please others and fit in than to be true to ourselves.

But the signal is always there beneath the static. It’s ready to surface when something rings a bell at the correct pitch. It might be something we read, or the lyrics to a song, or a heartfelt conversation with a friend, and a note is sounded that resonates and amplifies our signal, and we remember something vital about our true self.

Jung recognized the need for us to each reveal and bring forth the path that was ours alone to walk. He saw the importance of not being tricked into following someone else’s path but staying true to our own.

It is important both individually and collectively. We are personally fulfilled by developing our potential, which is critical to living a fully human life. But giving our gifts in service to the world is also critical. Our collage connects with everyone else’s collage. If we don’t bring our piece and fit it to the cosmic puzzle, then our singular piece is gone forever, and so is the opportunity to inspire others to act in service to the world as well.

The Voyager I space probe was launched on September 5, 1977, and has sent photos and data back to Earth for nearly 50 years, greatly enriching our knowledge about the cosmos. It told us about the atmosphere and geology of Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus; it discovered new moons; it found the first evidence of volcanoes, lightning, and oceans outside of Earth. It has now crossed beyond the edge of our solar system and entered interstellar space, still hurtling away from us at 38,000 miles per hour.

By all measures, Voyager I has fulfilled and exceeded its mission. It carries The Golden Record, with a history of humankind and greetings to whatever intelligent beings it might meet. And its antennae is still working, sending its tiny, unique signal reaching out across the heavens, 14 billion miles away, to send us messages that only it can give.

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

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