Wise Words – Galileo’s Mind

The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.


Join me in a thought experiment. 

Look inward and drop in. Drop into the warmth and weight of your body. Slowly let your awareness expand. Past your skin. Past the room. Out into the open air. Up to the sky. Out into space. Let your attention settle on the sun. Feel this tremendous celestial body, filling it with your awareness. 

Feel yourself as the warmth and weight of the sun, glowing and massive. Sense the planets spinning around you, a collection of peas caught in your field, the force of your presence pulling them through space. 

Your light pours out in every direction, so bright it shines through the blackness to light up the planets billions of miles away. Feel the heat of your burning furnace that bursts from you every second in a generous flow out into the cold. 

Let your awareness follow one ray of your light, the tiniest fraction of your power, on its 8-minute journey through the dark as you travel back to Earth, enter the atmosphere, descend, and land gently on a tender vine, giving it warmth and sustenance.

This was the thought in Galileo’s mind.

The inferno at the center of our solar system can hurtle the planets through space and still drop life onto every speck of space on Earth. 

Is the consciousness in your mind any different than Galileo’s? Or the sun’s? Can’t your awareness gaze at the distant mountains and the blue wildflower blooming at your feet, both so beautiful they stun you into silence?

Photo by John Tecuceanu on Unsplash

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