Gravity’s Correction

Does the act of noticing something change the course of things? Can the mere fact of placing our attention bend the trajectory of history; is consciousness that powerful?

Maybe so, if we change how we think about consciousness. Instead of something emanating from our brain, maybe consciousness is a living field that permeates everything. If so, then the act of observing changes us from spectators to participants in creation.

Gravity’s Correction

In the old stories, wise women say that once in every eon
All the spinning stars fall into place, and through the sweep of separate
Arcs their paths align – for just a flash – and then return to chaos.

And if you stand just right and happen to be looking, you can catch
The sight before the stars fall out so quick you question whether what
You saw and felt was real or just imagination playing tricks.

What subtle sonar humming just below the normal range that night
Made me lift my eyes and touch your arm and say, “Did you see that?”
And in your gaze I knew you knew the curtain of the night pulled back.

For those who’ve seen the circle in the stars, that moment rings forever.
The wake it makes has weight and bends the orbit starboard one degree
And gravity’s correction pulls the stuff of what is needed next.

Now we walk in gathered numbers not so different than before
But newly brave and freshly open.  And when the eon rounds again
I’ll glance up one night and say, “Oh yes, I remember this.”

By Steve Sphar, originally published in The Same, Volume 12, No. 1

Photo by Klemen Vrankar on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Gravity’s Correction”

  1. Steve – I’m an Abraham Hicks learner. I truly believe that “what I choose to focus on is an act of creating my reality.” Yet, I sometimes forget that fact and default to a less appealing thought. Sometimes I catch myself and sometimes it takes longer – if I catch myself at all. Depends on the topic. But I”m getting better. Perhaps I will begin when I wake in the morning and say to myself, “Ah, what do I want to create in my life today?”

    1. It is a hard concept for many people to wrap their head around, but if we are all connected through consciousness, then of course our internal actions matter to the universe.

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