Wise Words – A World in Chaos, or the Birth of a New Consciousness?

Just before [an airplane] cracks the sonic barrier, there’s increased vibration and greater resistance . . . In our present state of evolutionary development, you might say we are flying just beneath the sound barrier of consciousness . . . On the other side of the sonic boom, we discover heightened connection, transparency, integration and resonance – more unity. 

People all over the world are experiencing decidedly tumultuous times.  Perhaps this is a sign that we’re moving closer to the “speed of sound” – closer to new consciousness. Of course, the faster we travel, the more volatility we meet – until we have breached the membrane and exceeded previous evolutionary limitations. What a beautiful boom that will make.

Thomas Hübl, from his book, Attuned

We live our lives in the day-to-day, so it’s easy to miss the longer view. In the day-to-day, we attend to the details of living life. The coffee pot, the kid’s breakfast, the list of appointments, errands, deadlines, and obligations, these all have their rightful place and deserve our attention.

We usually view the news while in the day-to-day mode of attention. Each item appears on the screen as a separate event and taken together, they sometimes paint a distressing picture. Extreme weather events, shootings, scenes of war, political gridlock, social unrest, hateful displays – we absorb the parade of disturbing headlines and react to each, feeling our emotions and grappling to make sense of it. 

And it seems to be getting worse, each day more extreme, the suffering amplified, our bodies more fatigued, and our emotions more numb. The speed of it is disorienting. We want it to slow down, for the madness to stop, for things to go back to normal.

But we know in our hearts it can’t go back to normal, that we are seeing a cycle that is bigger than the day-to-day. Too many large-scale systems are ripe for change. Humanity has spent decades and centuries creating the economic, financial, political, educational, social, and cultural systems that shape our current world. These systems had flaws but moved society forward. For better or for worse, many of them have run their course, and something new must take their place.

But acclaimed teacher and modern mystic Thomas Hübl is saying something even more radical – that the increasing turbulence we feel may be signaling a shift in consciousness itself, that the universe is going somewhere, that our growth has direction, and that when we break through the consciousness barrier, we will create something new and beautiful.

This is a grand claim. What would it look like to birth a “new consciousness?”  I don’t know, but I bet it would have these characteristics:

  • Able to handle more speed and complexity with less stress;
  • Deeper sense of our connectedness with others;
  • Larger capacity to witness and hold people’s pain and joy;
  • Quicker ability to recognize when we slip into fear and to course-correct;
  • Greater clarity in perceiving the patterns in ourselves, others, and the world and to align with and influence them;
  • Increased capacity to give and receive love.

It is also clear that a shift to higher consciousness is the necessary precondition to fixing our economic, financial, political, educational, social, and cultural systems.

When Hübl says, “the faster we travel, the more volatility we meet,” he is saying it will get rougher before it gets better. My heart sinks when I realize this is true. Our world is exhausting enough as it is, often leaving me drained, depressed, and wanting to shut down. The longer view sees that the changes we need are large and will cause disruption and even destruction. This scares me. But in the same paragraph quoted above, he also says this:

“As with any discovery, once one person and then a few more achieve an innovation in consciousness, the door swings wide for others to follow.”

I realize this is also true. Consciousness is alive in each of us and all around us. As we each grow our capacities, we are not just learning new coping skills, we are tapping and releasing more of the universal potential, making more space for those who will come behind us, building momentum, creating increase for the whole.

This lifts my heart and shoots a tingle down my spine. I hear Hübl’s statement as a call:  a call to keep my heart open, to be an active witness to the disruption and distress, to increase the size of the container that can hold it all, and ultimately, to help midwife this birth by contributing my growing consciousness to the collective consciousness.

I can do both – I can care for the day-to-day details and also care for the longer view.

Inspired, I feel the words rising in my throat, “I’m in!” Even as I realize I can’t yet know exactly what it is I’m in for.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

5 Replies to “Wise Words – A World in Chaos, or the Birth of a New Consciousness?”

  1. Great essay Steve. I’ve been reading a lot of different books that refer to a “new earth” that is in the making. I recently finished Eckert Tolle’s “A New Earth” he says “Just as the caterpillar becomes dysfunctional shortly before it undergoes its metamorphosis into a butterfly the egoic state of consciousness will likely become increasingly dysfunctional and cause crises affecting many parts of the planet. There is nothing to be afraid of. If you stay present and do not succumb to fear these things will not effect you deeply. Acute crises and dysfunction always precede or coincide with any evolutionary advancement in consciousness.”

    Like you I alternate between fear and looking at the higher view. Reading essays such as yours just keeps reminding me not to be afraid

  2. I think the caterpillar analogy is a good one. The growth process into something new is painful. Perhaps a great deal of destruction and reconstruction is necessary. Being in the middle of this transformation, it is easy to just see the pain and distress and not remember the big picture. That’s why I like writers like Thomas Hübl. Check out his book or website. I think you would like him.

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