Wise Words – We Only Have What We Give

“We only have what we give.”

Isabel Allende

You have gifts to give that only you can deliver. You bring to the table a set of qualities, thoughts, quirks and capacities that no one else possesses. The beauty, flaws, swirls and knots in your grain are the result of your adventurous, stress-fractured, fun-filled, glorious roller coaster of a life. The universe has been growing itself for 14 billion years, waiting to claim its prize, which has shown up in you.

You are uniquely qualified to be you, fully and precisely you, dropped into a world that needs exactly that.

“Is this grandiose, narcissistic? Who am I to think I have unique gifts to give a world that needs me?”

Don’t let such random thoughts sidetrack you. They come from the hurt, fearful part of you that wants to keep you safe by not risking yourself. Indeed, you may not cure cancer or create fusion energy, but that’s not the point. Those may not be your gifts.    

Your gifts are the many large and small things that only you can offer that make the world and those around you more conscious and more loving. Life is constantly shaping you, putting more skills and experience at your disposal while simultaneously giving you endless opportunities to use them in service of greater awareness and love.  

Is there a book or an article in you that wants to come forth? A business you want to start or expand? A non-profit organization or movement that needs your help? A piece of art waiting to be created? These may be gifts ready to blossom in you.  

But your gifts might be smaller or less public: raising a family, caring for parents, walking a neighbor’s dog, playing music with friends, showing a positive attitude during trying times, giving a kind word to people in daily conversation, or just doing your work with special care and attention. All of these are soulful acts when done with the intention to give yourself to others.

As Isabel Allende tells us in her quote above, we only have what we give. It is in our nature to realize and share our gifts. Giving makes us and the world better; holding back only makes us smaller.  

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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