Stumbling Mystic Podcast – Mysticism, Seeing the Sacred Everywhere

If you feel lost in the spiritual landscape of modern society, you’re not alone. Many seekers today feel unsupported in their search, caught between the skepticism of secular culture and the dogma of traditional religion.

Mysticism is not strange or exotic. It is sitting right beneath the surface of our normal experience, shimmering and alive. Ultimately, mysticism is a new way of seeing that makes the whole world Sacred. In Episode 4 of the Stumbling Mystic podcast, “Mysticism, Seeing the Sacred Everywhere,” we talk about:

  • The direct experience of the Sacred that is beyond reason, a mystery that Joseph Campbell says can be known but not told;

  • Mysticism as a path beyond religion and skepticism;

  • Development of our own inner knowing that intuitively understands we come from and return to Source.

You can listen below to Episode 4. Or, visit the podcast page, or listen on your favorite podcast platform.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

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