I Could Use Your Help

A year ago, I created the Stumbling Mystic blog as a way station for serious spiritual seekers. I could use your help in shaping the blog in the coming year.

I write in response to the spiritual impulse, the drive I feel to experience the mystery that blooms all around us. I want to explore this mystery and learn what it means to connect my light to the greater light. 

I’ve been this way for a long time. Even when I was little, I was drawn to the spiritual and I could recognize the shift in light and space when I fell into the open, timeless wonder of the sacred moment.

In that space, I remember something about my place in the world that I can not understand by intellect alone. I recognize the feeling of wholeness that reflects the truth of who I am.

As a reader of the Stumbling Mystic blog, I’m guessing you feel the spiritual impulse too and have had similar experiences of the sacred.

You and I want to connect with the sacred. We want to be in this spacious, loving, unitive place longer and more often. 

But it is hard to stay connected while living in a physical world that emphasizes fragmentation. The obligations of the world intrude. We feel the press of daily tasks. Our attention is gobbled into the machinery of digital distraction.

When we fall out of sacred connection, the mirror cracks and all we see are distorted and fractured images of ourselves. We forget the whole and lovable beings that we are beyond the broken mirror.

That is why I write the Stumbling Mystic blog. My ideas and stories are my attempts to put the pieces of the mosaic back together, to remind us of our incomprehensible worth as agents of consciousness and love walking in the world of form.

I believe you want this too. And so, I’m asking for your help.

I have some questions for you. I’d like to know more about your thoughts, struggles, joys, dilemmas and concerns as you walk your spiritual path. I want to learn what topics you’d like to explore with me here on the Stumbling Mystic blog.

The questions are here

Can you spend a few minutes writing your reflections to these questions?

I am not posing this as an intellectual exercise. If you drop into your true self and speak from the root of your soul, answering these short questions can be a five-minute spiritual practice. 

Your participation will help create the next steps in this collective wisdom project. It’ll be fun, too.


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