Practical Wisdom is Changing its Name to Stumbling Mystic

Why Change the name to Stumbling Mystic?

I am writing this week to announce that Practical Wisdom is changing its name to Stumbling Mystic. Let me explain why.

Writing is a discipline. To do it well, it has to be truthful. By writing every week about topics dear to my heart, I’ve learned a lot about myself. It has required me to pay close attention to my experience and examine my inner dynamics and intentions with honesty.

Several things have become clear to me. One is that I am drawn to the direct experience of the sacred. A shift in consciousness happens when I pay attention to my attention. My ordinary awareness expands into a wider world that is delicious, vibrant, and always available just below the surface if I drop into mindfulness and allow the shift to happen.

 It is this shift that intrigues me, more than religious philosophy or metaphysical descriptions. Throughout the ages, a word used to describe the path of direct sacred experience is mysticism. 

Another thing I’ve seen, as most of you know from reading my blog, is that I am often confused and frustrated on the spiritual path, rarely walking in a straight line. I stumble much of the time, with the hope that I am at least stumbling forward.

I am not a master teacher or even an exceptional practitioner. I am an initiate, trying to discover the next few steps that make me more aware, more loving and bring me closer to Source. Along the way, perhaps because I spend so much time on the ground, I find a few nuggets to write about and share with friends.

And finally, I’ve learned that if I listen from a space of stillness, I can hear the guidance of Source. Much of what I write feels inspired, coming from outside myself. When I let my ego self fall away and connect with this guidance, much of my confusion and frustration fall away too.

So the term Stumbling Mystic feels authentic. It fits.

It more accurately describes what the blog is exploring than the title Practical Wisdom, which I liked but always sounded vague. Stumbling Mystic gives readers a clearer picture of what to expect and gives me a sharper focus when I write. A new name, but nothing new in the writing (unless things are always new in writing).

Two announcements:  Stumbling Mystic podcast and DeepN session

I also want to announce two other items. First, I am recording a Stumbling Mystic podcast that will publish soon. I am interviewing a dozen friends and colleagues, thoughtful people who are also traveling on the journey. Our conversations cover a wide range of joys and challenges that modern mystics face. Look for more information about the podcast coming soon.

Second, I will be holding another DeepN session in March. I had wanted to hold one sooner, but family emergencies occupied my December and January. Thank you all for your patience. I look forward to being together again for mutual practice and conversation.

Thank you for reading the blog (under whatever name). Writing is rewarding for me. It touches me to know that it is rewarding for you as well.

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  1. Just discovered the name change. It is such a perfect description of my payh too. ♥️ So grateful for your writings. They help me make sense of my own experience and inspire me to continue my own authentic expansion & integration.

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