DeepN – A Meeting Place for Mystics

Welcome to DeepN, a place where curious spiritual travelers
can gather to nourish their spiritual practice together

The spiritual impulse to connect with the Sacred is universal, but we each respond to it differently. Connection to the Sacred happens in moments of awe, wonder and expanded awareness. Spiritual practice strengthens this connection.

Individual practice is vitally important, but it can be lonely. We sometimes feel called to participate in group practice because there are things we can experience only when we gather as a group.

In a DeepN session, we typically engage in a brief centering practice and then discuss a topic related to spiritual practice. The session is free.

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Why do you spell it “DeepN?” Does the “N” mean something?

The spelling of DeepN is intended to catch your attention and let you see your practice in a new light.  Does the N mean something?  For me, it conjures images of Deep Nourishment, Deep Nurturing, Deep Nexus. But depending on our sense of the moment, connotations could include Nuance, Nectar, Nobility, or even the insights that arise in the Deep Night.

What Novel meanings would you assign? You can help decide what comes Next. See you at the next DeepN.