Wise Words – Three Keys to a Rich Spiritual Journey from Ken Kesey

Uncertainty, belonging and hope on the spiritual journey.

“Since we don’t know where we’re going, we have to stick together in case someone gets there.”

Ken Kesey

This quote from the original merry prankster is more than a quip.  It calls out important signposts on the spiritual journey.  The quote is funny because of the illogical twist of ending up in a place we didn’t know about.  But underneath its whimsy, this short sentence points to three psychological structures we all struggle with.

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Conscious Coffee – A Simple Morning Ritual That Opens the Whole Day

I don’t know if the Buddha drank coffee.  I like to think that he did.  He would have taken it black, nothing added to the bare experience.

Some mornings, I take the time to pause and enjoy my coffee as bare experience.  I feel the weight and warmth of the cup, I savor the subtle aromas rising in the steam, I take a breath of air with the first hot sip and as it warms my throat and chest, I sense a gentle satisfaction flowing through my body.  Then I pause again to look up from my cup and the world seems grounded and fresh. 

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Driving for Goodness’ Sake

Coming up to the intersection, I saw that the oncoming driver was in a pickle.  He had started to make a left hand turn in front of me and was blocking part of my lane, but he was stopped because the cars ahead of him were backed up.  I could tell he was stuck and wouldn’t be able to clear my lane before I got there.  He tried to back up, but there were other left-turners behind him.  He had no place go. 

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